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Reflexology – a map of the human body

When doing a Reflexology session I often stop seeing the feet as “feet” – I only see the different parts of the body as reflected by the Reflex points which form a map of the human body.

If you look at the outside of the foot from heel to toe on the inner side you can actually see the shape of your spine.

It is very interesting to me that by observing the shape of the feet this can tell you so much about the person in front of you – if you take a minute to look at your feet and you see toes that are very much in line it is likely that that person is very much stuck in their own ways, finds change very hard and likes things in a certain way.

As every part of the foot reflects the human body it is possible to ascertain by the sensitivity in the foot what is happening in the body. By helping to release the sensitivity in the feet it is possible to restore body balance and help many ailments. So many clients visit me to help achieve deep relaxation and stress relief. As stress can impact our body health in so many ways – Reflexology can really help to keep it at bay and I would say about 80% of my clients fall asleep during their session and often report having had the best night’s sleep ever!