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E-motion – energy in motion

So what are e-motions?

In basic terms they are energy in motion or more often than not energy not in motion.  The challenges of energy being stuck can have far reaching effects on a physical, spiritual, mental and energetic level. 

I often find myself not only feeling the stuck emotion (as a natural born empath) but also helping to release the emotion and helping to get it moving again through my work as a yin healer and using many powerful techniques such as QM healing and Reflexology often pendragon, angelic and flower energy can very quickly start to shift some of the e-motion with my own unique healing incorporated therein. 

We can often find ourselves repeating the same patterns unable to see the truth and the reasons behind why we are seemingly going around in circles.  Seemingly attracting the very thing we are sure we don’t want.  QM healing and EFT techniques can help to disentangle the energy providing answers and insights into where our patterns are in order that we can start to clear them and work with them.  This can be a lot like peeling off layers of an onion as often behaviours can be linked and we start to receive insights and inner knowledge as to what is really the truth of the situation.  This awareness can sometimes be enough to create major shifts and change the situation, sometimes though, it takes more work but is an excellent starting point.

Often these learnt behaviours stem from childhood and the fact that we were taught it was weak to cry, we were taught that we must never show our emotions in public, we were shushed from a tiny baby by parents who were shushed as a tiny baby, by parents who were shushed as a tiny baby – I am sure you get the idea.  Our parents were following the pattern of their parents and so on.  The old victorian adage of “keeping a stiff upper lip” comes to mind and woe betide if you show your feelings as a male!

Actually expressing our emotions is very healthy and they can often act like steam emanating from a kettle – a release valve if you will, this not only releases cortisol (a stress hormone) but helps to balance us energetically and emotionally.  In bygone eras and some European countries releasing emotions is seen as a strength and ancient medicine.