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Calm Reflex using the Denise Linn Elemental Space Clearing® program is a very unique space clearing method that utilises the incredible potency and spiritual energy of mudras in combination with essential oils, Calm Reflex’s own Sacred Divinity Sprays, resins, flowers, gemstones, colour, the power of prayer and the use of your intention.

When you have an Elemental Space Clearing® performed in your home, practice room or office, the subtle, yet powerful, vibrations of the Four Elements are used to cleanse yourself and your space. You are centre to our approach, with custom ceremony and blessings, intention altars and clearing practices chosen for your specific needs and situations.

As part of the process an interview will take place prior to the clearing itself in order that we can understand what you wish to clear from your life, and what you want to enhance in your life to create a ceremony to improve energies in your spaces creating sanctuaries of inspiration and harmony.

Space clearing ceremonies have been performed since ancient times and it was a practice never to build a new dwelling until the space had been cleared. It’s as essential to the energetic maintenance of a place as physical cleaning is to the physical maintenance.

Why space clearing is necessary

Energetically, everything that ever happens in a building goes out in ripples like the effect of a stone being dropped in a pond. It is recorded in the walls, floor, ceiling, furniture, and other objects in the place. It gets imprinted into the very fabric of the structure. Repetitive actions and behaviours are deeply imprinted, and events accompanied by strong emotions or trauma are the most strongly imprinted of all. If you’ve ever had the experience of walking into a room after there has just been an argument, you know that you can literally feel it hanging in the air. People sometimes say, ‘You could have cut the air with a knife!’, meaning that the atmosphere was so dense it was as if the argument were physically tangible, this can be the same when using a practice room and it is a good idea to use basic clearing tools after each and every client. This can be the same as a build-up of sadness in the environment which can be felt sometimes years later unless a space clearing has been done to change the energetic vibration. Everyone also creates a certain amount of etheric debris on a daily basis, which leaves a stagnant residue in their home in the same way as everyday living creates cleaning and tidying on a physical level.

Who needs space clearing?

Just about everyone. There are very few buildings in the world that are so well designed that they don’t need regular space clearing. Many people now choose to make space clearing part of their regular building maintenance programme so that their space is energetically as well as physically clean and clear.

How often does space clearing need to be done?

It’s best to do a full space clearing ceremony at least once a year, or sooner if you have a major life change such as starting or ending a relationship, career, etc. If you have a very busy life or are going through a difficult time, then do maintenance space clearing every 3 months or even every month.

The difference between space clearing & clutter clearing

Clutter clearing is one of the recommended steps to prepare for a space clearing ceremony. However you will often find that following a space clearing you are prompted to sort out cupboards that have not been touched in years, to re-decorate to bring new vibrancy to a particular space. It can also be done by itself, with no intention of doing the ceremony or even knowledge that such a ceremony exists. It primarily involves clearing physical objects from a space, although there are also deeper levels that address mental, emotional and spiritual types of clutter. People generally begin with physical level clutter clearing and then progress to the other less tangible but equally important types.

What is the process of a space clearing?

After the initial contact has taken place a visit will take place to assess the space and ascertain the exact requirements of the client and to discuss the different tools, colours and objects to use to bring about the desired effect. Generally a long distance clearing will be performed prior to the ceremony itself which often has a dramatic effect on the space and then the ceremony itself takes place.

How long will the ceremony take?

The length of the ceremony will depend on the size of the space that is to be cleared but as a general rule of thumb at least 3 hours should be allowed for an average sized house.

Can I join in the house clearing ceremony?

It is acceptable and often encouraged for the home-owner, if they wish, to take part in the ceremony as this can help to enhance results and allow for greater personalisation.