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This system of healing mixes 21st Century science with ancient metaphysics to allow us to draw upon the power of the “spark of the Divine within” allowing healing to take place.

Quantum Entanglement

This is a physical phenomenon that occurs when pairs or groups of particles are generated or interact in ways such that the quantum state of each particle cannot be described independently – instead, a quantum state must be described for the system as a whole.

Flower of life symbol – depiction of the connection of everything.

When applied to us it means that “All Are One” and that “Everything is Connected” because everything has originated from the same source – the Divine – and is therefore bound by the truth that we have all been created by the Divine. As a result of this sometimes through intent and sometimes unintentionally our energy can become tied to the energy or other people, places and occurrences.

Often we become psychically entangled in the negative energies that permeate our world such as electromagnetic energy, wifi frequencies and radio waves but also the negative energy of other people that we either resonate with through sympathy and empathy or simply inherit because we are placed in that vicinity.

Quantum Metaphysics Healing

The QM healing system uses easy to apply techniques to help to disentangle these negative energies, increasing our energy, unblocking our life and helping us to leap forwards. It manipulates our Quantum Reality or Quantum State in order to heal ourselves, heal others and heal the world as well as manifest our desires and purpose.

Quantum Wells

A quantum well is a thin layer which can confine (quasi-) particles in the dimension perpendicular to the layer surface, whereas the movement in other dimensions is not restricted. The confinement is a quantum effect.

For us what this means is we can create or open a space in which certain energies can be confined or stored without them affecting our dimension! Thus these wells can be attuned to not only store certain energies but also to attract and entrap them and that once there the energies are either “decayed” back to their source energy and absorbed into the multi-dimensional universal body or – in the case of a living entity – retrieved by the Angelic Hierarchy and returned to where they came from.

QM wells can therefore help for :-

  • Banishment – they can be opened and attuned to entrap negative energies banishing them from our physical plane.
  • Entity release – they can be opened to entrap entities such as Earth Bound spirits or negative entities
  • Managing negative energies/thoughts – they can be opened to entrap negative emotions and thoughts eg to help manage grief or for someone who is a negative thinker.
  • Physic attack – they can be opened to entrap and digest physic attack leaving the victim free to get on with their life.
  • Electromagnetic smog – they can help to digest the smog as a result of harmful side effects of electrical devices.

These wells can be programmed to stay for a certain amount of time or until they have done their job and can be used in conjunction with other healing techniques including QM healing.

This amazing form of healing is now being offered by Lisa A Burfitt (MBSR) CthA CIMI who can be contacted on 07539 062 031, [email protected],

“It’s the most self-indulgent hour I spend and without doubt the most enjoyable” – JL