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Reflexology is probably as old as history itself with evidence of its practice in India and China more than three thousand years ago. There are hieroglyphics on the tomb of Ankmahor (an Egyptian physician) dating back to 2330 BC and the prominence of the inscriptions tells us that Reflexology was held in the highest regard in those times.

The pioneer of modern Reflexology is a lady called Eunice Ingham who developed it in the 1930’s and produced the foot charts that are still in use today. She published two books “Stories the Feet can Tell” in 1938 and “Stories the Feet have Told” in 1963.

Reflexology is a specialised form of foot massage which deals with the principle that your feet form a map of the human body reflecting every structure, organ and function.

By applying gentle pressure using special techniques to minute reflex points in your feet a stimulating effect is created throughout your whole body. This enables the practitioner to determine any congestion or tension you are suffering from by the corresponding sensitivity on your reflex points. These areas are worked out in order to alleviate conditions.

Reflexology with Lisa from Calm Reflex is more than just a foot massage. Lisa often combines Reflexology with auric clearing and chakra balancing together with affirmations to get to the root cause and help you on your next step in the journey of your life – increasing awareness of your own true self.